Do you have old photos that are creased, torn or damaged? We can repair old photos and bring them back to their original glory!

So many of us have a shoebox filled with old photos, some may be 20 years old or even 100 years old. Before the convenience of digital photography, all photos were taken with film and printed on photo paper. In the past 10-15 years the quality of photo paper has improved remarkably. However 100 years ago, photo paper was not designed to last more than 100 years.

You may have noticed your photos are degrading such as yellowing, easily tearing etc. This will only get worse over time as the photo paper starts to break down.

What causes damage to old photos?

Old photos are generally stored in old boxes or in older style photo albums with the use of adheisives, paper or cardboard containing acids or lignin.

Lignin is a natural bonding element used to hold wood fibres together in paper, cardboard and newspaper.

Lignin and acid was used in almost all photo albums, tissue paper etc prior to the beginning of this century. Acid and lignin in the paper, cardboard, adhesive etc will cause the photos to disintergrate. Newspaper has a high level of lignin in the paper, you will notice that newspapers that are only a few years old become very brittle. This is because the lignin breaksdown over time causing the fibres of the paper to separate.

Lignin and acide can transfer from a photo album, tissue paper or adhesive with direct contact to the photos.

How does photo restoration work?

Our experienced Graphic Designers will repair your photo digitally using professional photo editing software. Our photo repairs are done by hand, each crease and blemish is removed individually by the designer. 

Once restored, your image will not only be close to it's original form it will also be digital, meaning you can print, scan and store it without the worry of it being damaged or lost.

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Total : $20.00