Don't have the budget for a Graphic Designer? Why not use our Design Studio to design your own artwork!

Our easy to use design studio can be used to design everything from business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards and more.

Use our simple guide to help you.



What is a Design Studio?

Our Design Studio is an easy program where you can create your own print products.

You can choose from one of thousands of templates or create your own from a blank canvas.

In our Design Studio you can -

  • Add your own logo or photos
  • Add or change the text on all of our templates
  • Change colours of text, shapes and the background
  • Change the placement and layout of objects and text
  • and much much more!

How do I access the Design Studio?

In each of our products, you will see an option to "Create own artwork using our templates". By clicking this button you will be taken directly to our Design Studio where you will find all the templates for that product.



How do I use the Design Studio?

Once you click "Create own artwork using our templates", you will be taken to our Design Studio and will be presented with hundreds of templates.


Select the template you like best or start with a blank canvas, the choice is yours.

Once you select the template that is right for you, it will load the template into our Design Studio where you can customise the design to suit your needs.



Here you can ....

Change the text

Change the colours

Move things around

Add a logo

You have full control over your design and it is as easy as dragging things around the canvas.